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Final Athlete's Guide To Success Cover c

Do you know the path to be a successful athlete?


Do you know what it takes to compete at the High School, College, and Professional levels?


If you are an athlete or a parent of an athlete, Joe Sperle, Professional Sports and Baseball Trailblazer and one of the  top coaches in the nation, shares with you the roadmap to succeeding in your sport and avoiding the pitfalls through his 40 years of sports playing and professional coaching experiences and founding the Freedom Pro Baseball Minor League. 


Joe shares compelling success stories and an athlete's roadmap that will illustrate what it takes to play sports at the High School, College and Professional level.


Some of these athletes were overlooked and cut in high school, and after Joe coached and mentored them, they went on to play Division 1 college baseball on a scholarship and were drafted and signed to a professional contract by Major League Baseball teams.




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