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Gil Patterson 

New York Yankees World Series Champion, Oakland A’s Minor League Pitching Coordinator

Joe Sperle’s  book can be used by all as a roadmap of success as well as being a champion. You need to define success for yourself. It is money, fame or making a difference in the world by helping people. A champion is someone who we fight and speak for another person who cannot do it for themselves. It can also be someone who is better than others in a sport or skill. Joe has used his tragedies and turned them into triumphs. You will see many of Joe's attributes (teacher, leader, communicator, problem solver, motivator and competitor ) in this book that Joe has used to ( most importantly ) HELP OTHERS!


Gary Bender

National TV Sportscaster - Kansas Sports Hall of Fame     Inductee, former Phoenix Suns TV Play-By-Play Announcer

In sports we are continually talking about “difference makers”.   People who can change the way a game is played.  I believe Joe Sperle has done that in many athletes’ lives and is a professional sports trailblazer!   He has helped so many youths and young men reach their potential through his coaching and professional baseball opportunities the last 30 years!


Sally Moore Huss

           US and Wimbledon               Junior Champion

  Wimbledon Semi-Finalist,  Senior Champion and Author

If you are the parent of a promising athlete, a college athlete, or are an athlete with aspirations of becoming a professional at your chosen sport, this book is a must. Goals, injuries, burnout, internal or parental pressure, coaching, and even the fun of playing are all addressed in this wise and valuable book.


Too often much is lost in the effort to succeed. Too often potential is lost when a player is not guided correctly or coached intelligently. In this book, Joe Sperle tells how to skip over these pitfalls and move forward in whatever game or sport a person wishes to participate. It takes a masterful coach with years of coaching experience to do just that. Joe Sperle is such a coach!


Dr. Casey Reason

Author, leadership coach, and father of Joe Sperle trained award winning youth pitcher

Maximizing human performance requires head and heart skills.  Joe Sperle understands the technical skills needed to be a highly competitive, modern athlete.  He also knows how important the human side of the game can be for the athlete’s development.  Joe’s book, his coaching, and his life are an inspiration.

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